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Sustainable Beauty

From our humble beginnings, it has been our mission to work sustainably with the environment we live in to ensure that:

1. Our impact & carbon footprint on the environment is minimised

2. We operate in favour of a sustainable future for the environment.

3. We support & prioritize local farms, suppliers wherever possible.

Products Made by the Power of the Sun

Our factories, are powered directly through solar panels that the manufacturing site feeds off through the hours of 10 am – 3 pm. Any excess power is fed back to the power grid. These solar panels also charge our electric forklifts and power all machinery.

Carbon Footprint

We believe it’s not just about buying carbon credits but its important as a business to demonstrate how products can be manufactured with a low carbon footprint. Over the years we have actively reduced our carbon impact & been awarded for its effort by both the NSW sustainability department of the government and the Organic Industry.


All our products are packed inside Biodegradable tubes & 100% Recyclable bottles. Our tubes are manufactured with an enzyme, which is added during production to allow the tube and cap to be biodegradable within 5 years in the landfill. The enzyme breaks down the packaging by turning the tubes into food for micro-organisms. The combination of natural & organic formulas with 100% biodegradable packaging in the hotel industry is a first of its kind. We use and reuse recyclable cardboard boxes and packaging with eco-friendly Enviro Flow™ corn-based packing when shipping to stockists. We feel committed to being sustainable and environmentally responsible especially where large quantities of goods are involved.

Community & Social Responsibility

Supporting and being active in the wider community is imperative to Australian Amenities. We are always happy to support engages with a variety of local, national & international charities and cultural organisations throughout the year.